“Most ideas fizzle out because everyone spends hours just thinking about them and not doing anything.”  
Varun Agarwal is 25 years old, and has three companies
to his credit. He’s now turned into an author with his first
book “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company.”
Here’s a quick Q&A with Varun to help you get to know
him better:
So whats your age and qualification?
Iím 25 years old and a BE in Telecommunication (I know, wtf??). Iíve done my schooling from Bishop Cottons.
And what exactly do you do??
Iím a filmmaker and I have 3 startups.
And they are??
Alma Mater : We make merchandise for students of schools and colleges. www.almamaterstore.in

Reticular : A social media marketing company www.reticular.in

Last minute Films. A film production house. www.lastminutefilms.in (you can see some of films on the site)
So why did you do engineering in the first place??
I never wanted to do engineering. In fact after my 12th I applied to film school but my parents wouldnít let me do that. So I spent 4 torturous years of my life doing engineering( I hated it).
How did filmmaking happen??
Filmmaking happened while still at school. My mum had given me a handycam and I used to make short films and music videos using the cam. I havenít delved into my filmmaking life in my book but my next book will have a lot of that.
Youíve directed Preity Zinta and AR Rahman when you were 21 years old???
Yeah its true. So after graduating from Engineering I went to work for this production company called Phat Phish productions. And it there I got a chance to work with these stars.
Can I call you to give a talk at my school/college?
Sure I do a lot of these. Would love to do my bit to try and motivate anyone I can. You can contact me at info@varunagarwal.in
What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs??
I would simply say take the leap and then think. Most ideas fizzle out because everyone spends hours just thinking about them and not doing anything. So if you have an idea just go for it.
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