“After I graduated from engineering I was trying my best to start my company but my mum thought I had lost focus in life so enlisted Anu Aunty to put me back on track.”  
Here’s a Q&A with Varun about his book:
And who is Anu Aunty?
So Anu Aunty is a friend of my motherís who always poked her nose in all my decisions. After I graduated from engineering I was trying my best to start my company but my mum thought I had lost focus in life so enlisted Anu Aunty to put me back on track. The book is also about all those troubles I have to go through while dealing with Anu Aunty. I wonder if you have an Anu Aunty in your life too.
And what about your friends?
The book also gives a peek into my personal life so I have written about my friends as well and our adventures together that always seem to get us into trouble.
What made you write this book?
So I used to write a lot of blogs on my Facebook page about how we started the company. The way we started this company was nothing short of a Bollywood adventure. My blogs started getting very famous and I sent some of them to Rupa Publishers. So they loved the blogs and asked for a complete manuscript.
And then?
Thatís when the problem started. You see I had only written a few blogs until then and the most number of words I had ever jotted down was around 200-300. A manuscript needs 50,000- 60,000 words. So I was in real trouble.
So how did you manage?
So I fell ill for a few days sometime last year and was under house-arrest. I couldnít work so I decided to give a shot at the manuscript. I was under some really strong anti-bitoics so I kept writing. I was done exactly 8 days later with the finished manuscript (which I completely hated) with some 50,000 words. After making a few changes I sent it to Rupa and completely forgot about it. A month later they sent me a mail saying Iím now an author.
Donít you think its too early to write about your company or to write a book about business? I mean youíre only 25, right?
I think this is the best time. The book is not trying to give business lessons but trying to get young guys like me to take the plunge and not let go of their dreams. Most business books are about the big guys like Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg. These guys have been there and done that. While I love their books I could never connect with them because they are at a level I can never think of. I always wanted a book about a guy who just started because thatís someone I can connect with. Thatís exactly what this book is trying to do.
Whats next? Another book?
I havenít given it much thought but since the writing of this book the company has grown enormously. So Iím thinking of writing a part 2. Also in the works is a book about my filmmaking journey.
So whatís your age and qualification?
Iím 25 years old and a BE in Telecommunication (I know, wtf??). Iíve done my schooling from Bishop Cottons, Bangalore.
And what exactly do you do?
Iím a filmmaker and I have 3 startups. Alma Mater: We make merchandise for students of schools and colleges Reticular: A social media marketing company Last minute Films: A film production house
So why did you do Engineering in the first place?
I never wanted to do engineering. In fact, after my 12th, I applied to film school but my parents wouldnít let me do that. So I spent four torturous years of my life doing engineering (I hated it).
How did Filmmaking happen?
Filmmaking happened while still at school. My mum had given me a handycam and I used to make short films and music videos using the cam. I havenít delved into my filmmaking life in my book but my next book will have a lot of that.
You directed Preity Zinta and AR Rahman when you were 21 years old? Is it true or a myth?
Yeah its true. Even I canít believe it sometimes. So after graduating from Engineering I went to work for this production company called Phat Phish Productions. And it there I got a chance to work with these stars.
Can I call you to give a talk at my school/ college?
Sure, I do a lot of these. Would love to do my bit to try and motivate anyone I can.
What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
I would simply say take the leap and then think. Most ideas fizzle out because everyone spends hours just thinking about them and not doing anything. So if you have an idea then just go for it.
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